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    No matter what the reason is or how many justifications you put forward, cheating in a relationship is bad. It’s one of the cardinal sins in life that you do not cheat on your partner, spouse or other half. If you don’t like the person or have troubles with them, you either sort it out or just leave.

    What people don’t realize, is that women are known to have cheated on their partners just as much as men have. While the causes for men are usually simple, figuring out women can be difficult. Listed below are 6 reasons why a woman might cheat.

    6. Emotional Connection

    At least 90% of the men’s reason for cheating has to be physical reasons. They couldn’t keep it in their pants. However, in most women’s cases, cheating is done due to lack of emotional connection. More often or not, women feel that they have lost the emotional spark they had with their partners. Maybe their lives h

    The post 6 Things That Make Women Want To Cheat appeared first on The PeepSpot.

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    A couple of years ago, I worked with a co-worker who hated me. She talked negatively about me to other team members and challenged me openly on several occasions. The cherry on top? She told my boss she was better suited to be manager than I was.

    Just because it stemmed from her frustrations with her own career, it didn’t make my experience any easier. I felt like I had to constantly defend myself, and my work had to compete with all of the negative attention.

    Looking back now, though, I can see a silver lining. Her disdain toward me taught me five things about dealing with people who have it in for you:

    1. Start With Yourself

    It’s too easy to conclude that people don’t like you just because—without taking a look at yourself. Before deciding it has nothing to do with you, take a moment and consider if you’re doing things that could potentially be offensive or insensitive.

    It could be something you’re aware of—like if you’re hyper-competitive

    The post A Realistic Approach to Dealing With People Who Don’t Like You appeared first on The PeepSpot.

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    Friends who give tough love just want what’s best for you.
    A new study at the University of Plymouth found that people who insult their friends aren’t necessarily mean-spirited — some just want the insultees to benefit in the long run.

    Scientists surveyed 140 adults and asked them about hypothetical situations.
    “We identified several everyday examples where this might be the case — for instance, inducing fear of failure in a loved one who is procrastinating instead of studying for an exam,” psychological scientist and the study’s author Belén López-Pérez wrote.
    The researchers found that subjects who were mean to their partners were more likely to be empathetic and want their partners to succeed.

    “These findings shed light on social dynamics, helping us to understand, for instance, why we sometimes may try to make our loved ones feel bad if we perceive this emotion to

    The post Your meanest friend just wants the best for you, scientists say appeared first on The PeepSpot.

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    The human nature allows for a form of behavioral filter, where people only show you the sides of them they want you to see, for as long as they want.

    That is why you could be dating someone for seven years and not that know he or she is married with a family abroad, or in some extreme cases, in the same city as you.

    Someone could also hide from you some toxic behaviors that you may never find out until it’s too late. Sometimes, however, you could get really lucky and discover the behavior before any damage is done.

    Here are three situations that could show you your partner’s true identity.

    1. Anger

    3 Situations That Will Reveal Your Boo’s Real Identity Today appeared first on The PeepSpot.

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    First, how long has it been going on? If your friend has been great in the past but is currently all-consumed with something (she’s up for a promotion at work or she just had a baby, for instance), she might dominate conversations because her brain is occupied by her own stuff. Telling her how you feel can help. Say something like, "I know you have a ton going on, and I am always here for you, but I have some things I’d love to share and get your advice on." She might not even realize how one-sided your relationship has become and may actually appreciate the nudge.

    On the other hand, if this friend has a consistent pattern of being self-centered, she may not be capable of anything else. In this case, ask yourself if the good from the friendship outweighs how self-involved she can be. Then decide if you can accept the friendship as is. The truth is, some friends are good for different things. Maybe she’s great for a girls’ night out, but not for a deep conversation after a cr

    The post Home Relationships What to Do When It Feels Like Your Friendship Has Become Completely One-Sided appeared first on The PeepSpot.

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    Dr. Gary Chapman's book, "The 5 Love Languages" was published since 1995 but remains a bestseller till date.

    In the book Dr. Chapman, through 30 years of experience arrives at the conclusion that relationships will be easier if only couples could understand each others love languages.

    He says people respond best to certain actions and to get the best out of your relationship, you have to know what your partner's favourite action is.

    While all the languages are great and should be a part of all relationships, there's always a predominant one and that's the one to mostly focus on.

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    Every day when I check my email, men are asking me. Do women still cook? Or Why don’t women cook anymore? When I check the stats on my blog. One of my most viewed articles, that’s viewed every single day is Why Men Love Women Who Can Cook.

    What this is telling me is that hungry men across the globe are looking for a woman, who knows how to throw down in the kitchen. Even if a man can cook, he wants to know that the his wife-to-be, is going to be able to feed him and his children. I don’t know why this is so hard to understand.

    Men let me give you a little advice… you listening…

    If cooking is important to you and you want to get married one day and have a family. Find out early when you start dating a woman, if she knows how or enjoys cooking. Just ask. Don’t be afraid to have this talk. I keep hearing from men, that they have a beautiful wife or significant other but she doesn’t know how to cook. You men keep being blinded by the booty, I mean beauty, LOL..


    The post Simple signs your girlfriend is a terrible cook appeared first on The PeepSpot.

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    Since the ability to attract a woman is seen as a greater scientific mystery than alchemy, there have been many studies on this subject. Next time you go to the club in an attempt to seduce a woman (hint: the girls you find in clubs usually aren’t the droids you’re looking for, silly Stormtrooper), take a look at these 10 scientifically proven (I’ve said so twice, so it must be true!) methods to attract the ladies. Or as we call them in “the hood”, women.

    10. A Ring

    More specifically, a wedding ring! I guess Beyoncé wasn’t lying after all, huh?

    09. Beards

    Added bonus: no more daily shaving for you, my friend!

    08. Playing Guitar

    What, you thought Keith

    The post 10 Things Scientifically Proven To Attract Women appeared first on The PeepSpot.

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    1. Classes.


    This one is best for those that are still willing to learn a thing or two. Whether it’s undergraduate or postgraduate classes, a class is a good way to meet that woman you’ve been thinking about. What makes it interesting is the fact that you both have common interests and have prolonged exposure to her. You can always offer to help them with a class task or offer to walk them home. Anyone that you choose will be a perfect opportunity to ask her out on a date.

    2. Social media.

    This option is also quite popular among the younger generation. The advantage that lies with meeting someone over the Internet is that you don’t have to commit yourself immediately as you have sufficient time to know if you’re willing to progress with the relationship. Another advantage is that you get to know quite a bit about them and you can prepare in lin

    The post 5 places you will most likely to meet the woman of your dreams appeared first on The PeepSpot.

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    Here, doctors explain potential infections you can get from kissing, along with exactly what you need to know to stay as safe as possible.

    1. Herpes

    Herpes may be incurable, but it doesn’t make you a pariah. In fact, it kind of makes you normal. Around two-thirds of the world’s population under the age of 50 has herpes simplex 1 (HSV-1), which is known as the oral kind of herpes, according to the World Health Organization. And around one in every six Americans under the age of 50 has herpes simplex 2 (HSV-2), what’s known as the genital kind of herpes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    The thing about HSV-1 is that it sometimes creates cold sores in and around the mouth. “If you’re kissing someone with lesions in their mouth, mucous membranes make herpes easy to transmit,” Idries Abdur-Rahman, M.D., a board-certified ob/gyn, tells SELF. So, if someone you’re kissing has HSV-1, they could give you the virus (even if they aren’t cu

    The post 5 Diseases And Infections You Can Get From Kissing appeared first on The PeepSpot.

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    Romantic relationships are strewn with obstacles. There are always good times and bad times between two people who love each other. The most difficult thing is to maintain the flame that united you 5 or 10 years after your meeting. Some end up content with monotony, others still seek to save the essential.

    To test the strength of your relationship, ask yourself these questions below

    1-Am I becoming a better person?

    We can not compare the influence of the environment to that of the partner. The partner has 80% influence over us. If after 6 months or 3 years, you have changed an attitude or behavior is good sign.

    2-What did I bring the best to my spouse?

    And yes, vice versa, as much as the partner influences you, you should bring him something more. The other is not this malleable paste that we would like it to be, subject to our desires. But there is always room for concessions.

    3-Do you think two?

    In projects for the future or e

    The post Here are 5 Questions to Test the Strength of Your Relationship appeared first on The PeepSpot.

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    Compatibility in relationship is such a big deal that its importance keeps getting [rightly] hammered on over and over again. In essence what compatibility entails in this context is the ability of two people to coexist without [manageable] conflict and problems.

    The likelihood that two people will be happy together in a relationship or marriage is predicated on their ability to find a common ground on many things. Couples in healthy relationships and happy marriages see eyeball to eyeball on so many subjects - sex, finances, communication, etc.

    It is what makes relationships tick, that connection of thoughts and like-mindedness on al

    The post Why spiritual compatibility is just as important as sexual compatibility appeared first on The PeepSpot.

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    We can all agree that being cheated on is one of the worst things that anyone in a relationship can go through.

    People cheat for different reasons, the most being, to get something that they're not getting in their current relationship. Most people say that it's easier to leave a relationship than cheat and that's true but cheating is almost like a drug, you know you're not supposed to do it, but the thrill of doing it takes you into a trance. One thing for sure is that once someone starts cheating, it's almost impossible to stop and from then on the relationship will go downhill. Sure, some couples have managed to salvage a dying relationship after one partner cheated but once the trust is broken, it's just never the same anymore. Have you noticed some behavior change in your partner? Do you suspect that your partner is cheating but have no evidence? Well, check out these signs that you may be dating a dirty dirty cheater.

    1. A change of habits.

    The post 14 Surefire signs your partner is cheating on you appeared first on The PeepSpot.

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    Guys have always been advised to make friends with ladies first before trying to get into relationships with them.

    And somehow babes now seem to prefer male friends to female ones.

    This is actually admirable because it would, in a perfect world, create the ideal platform for romantic relationships to easily morph and blossom.

    But because life is often anything but perfect, things could easily get muddled up and confusing in that boy-girl friendship.

    A lot of 'romantic' things the guy does - dates, gifts, calls, being there for each other etc - might actually get misinterpreted as acts of friendship when in fact they are done with absolutely different intentions.

    So how do you know that that guy is just being nice as a friend, or if he's actually now into you?

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    There are guys to date, fall in love with, guys to dream of a life with, to end up marrying and doing all the sweet fairytale stuff with... and on the other hand, there are guys that you run very faraway from.

    F---boys, players, demons, etc. Regardless of what you know them as, you can't afford to seek a serious relationship with these types of guys because there's bound to be tears somewhere down the line.

    So if a tear-less, painless, mutually-beneficial relationship with a potential future is what you crave, here are three breeds of f---boys you need to steer clear of by all means.

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